11 young girls & a caretaker die in fire outbreak at a school hostel in Turkey

12 people, including 11 children, lost their lives in a fire outbreak that destroyed a girls dormitory in Southern Turkey. The private dormitory housed 34 middle and high school students and is believed to be for girls who come from impoverished families in nearby villages that have no schools.
Turkey’s EU Affairs Minister, Omer Celik said at least twenty-two other girls were injured in the fire in the province of Adana.
Among those killed was a female caretaker who worked in the dormitory. Adana governor Mahmut Demirtas revealed that while 12 bodies were recovered, 22 wounded people were taken to hospitals. Some of the injuries were caused when the terrified students jumped out of a window to escape. Investigation into the fire outbreak so far suggests that it was caused by an electrical fault but the flames spread rapidly because of the wooden interior of the building.

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